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Rob Richardson

WTG, Michelle! First the Mazzer Mini, now Miss Silvia. The next step is roasting your own. If you are a purist, you can do it using just a stainless steel dog bowl and a heat gun:


or you can convert your gas grill into an industrial-strength roaster:


Personally, I like the i-Roast, which is pretty much foolproof (and I am the fool to prove that):


And for green beans, you can't go wrong with Sweet Maria's Monkey Blend:


Like they say, life is just too short to drink bad coffee!

clementine Quittner

you are a cool mom and you are the best ever at writing in the new york times. i love your thing about ear peircing


OK, you can have another cookie. But just one.

neurology emr

Well, I'm not much into coffee!


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