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Randy Bush

we're the opposite. i'm an old hippie into polar fleece, sweats, jeans, ... my wife is into lingerie. so i suspect this is not entirely a gender split.

and, in our bit of the universe, ditching one's partner's clothes, especially long-loved sweats, would be a serious personal violation.


Oh what does it matter? I'd rather see it on the floor than on any woman anyway...


Been married 20+ years. A lot of the classically sexy underwear doesn't work for my wife any more - she feels silly, doesn't really fit. My feeling is, if she likes what she's wearing, it's sexy to me. If it actually objectively is, so much the better, but its the person inside who counts. Will tell you one funny story I heard years ago -- woman who moved to Maine, looking for sexy lingerie that worked in a chilly house. 'you want a teddy...with feet', the clerk observed. 'exactly', she replied.

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