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Beverly Barton

Hello Michelle,
I read you every week in the Times. I just bought those shoes at Nordstrom, and let me tell you, they are addictive! I've worn the open clogs for years, didn't know if I'd care for these, but after a couple of minutes in the store, I could not take them off. As for the other shoes you showed, ugh. Give me comfortable shoes any day.

shoe stretchers

If you were going to buy a golf club, you wouldn't walk into a store and buy the first one you see, would you? Of course not; especially if you want to improve your golf game! You'll want to hold the club, take some practice swings, hit some balls if the store has a practice spot, and look at the price, of course. If you are considering buying running shoes, you need to go through a similar process and take the time to find the perfect shoe.

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