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Serge Lescouarnec

I guess a lot of hyped up things do not live up to our expectations.

I read Jeff Jarvis notes on Zillow and same type of services and he suggested that concierges services in planning real estate sales or purchases would be useful.

Well I have to say that I helped a client with a rental unit and others while they were moving in or having renovations and improvements done.

I run a concierge service here in New Jersey.

Serge the Concierge



Agree that Zillow is a neat idea, but since everything seems to be five years out of date it's basically worthless. I live on a street where startler castles are squeezing out the original homes, yet the houses Zillow chooses to show are the original small ones, with the original, small prices.

Portland Oregon Real Estate

I think zillow is a great tool. I have worked with it many times and would recommend it. I would always double check the subject property against comparable properties, the computer sometimes misses very crucial things when it comes to determining the exact true current market value. But still one of the best tools online.


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