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Christine Eaves, DVM

I just read your article about Otto in LHJ and totally laughed my tail off........until the very end. I appreciate your stance on not being a pet person and completely understand it (my husband's not either), but I was truly, truly sad that you reveled in the unknown fate of the poor terrified cat. I too, as a vet and a pet owner, have encountered and even owned a problem cat (mine peed in the house too). And for me, after relegating the little guy to being a part-time outdoor cat, I promptly found him dead on my back porch. Now I personally didn't really like this cat, but I didn't want that to happen to him, and I still cried for several days. I say this just to let you know that I do understand where you're coming from. And I think you are a particularly funny writer, but I can't bring myself to read anymore of your articles or books, and certainly won't share them with others.


I also read you're article and just have this to say:

You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

Check what others have to say about how stupid you are:


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