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rickey gold

For the publisher of Free Public Domain E-Books in GoldenArk's School Reader Catalog looking for inspirational books: I think you'd have to include the Nancy Drew books (already mentioned by a male reader!) -- she was definitely a feisty girl. Also, the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The narrator, whose name I can't remember, would probably be an entrepreneur today.


As a girl in the late sixties and already a fan of biographies, I was given a book of a collection of bios of real nurses who were NOT Flo Nightingale. No, I can't recall the title but it was a really great one. Clara Barton was in there, Lilian Wald, a French nurse who was at the battle of Dien Bien Phu and some other war nurses.

Also, as I went to a pre-Vatican II Catholic convent school, we had LOADS of biographies of saints and martyrs(one of my personal favorites was St. Maria Goretti)that were aimed at the 3rd to 7th grade reading levels. After Vatican II and when they closed the Junior school part of the school, all those great books just disappeared. Again, I have no idea who wrote or published them, just that they all had the correct imprimatur. As our nuns were very hip, I am convinced that the books were jettisoned in a spirit of VERY early political correctness. Even though I'm not Catholic, I'd SO love to get my hands on some of those! Some of the martyrdom stories were just so deliciously gruesome....(quoth the lion, "yum, yum!)

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