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Francis (Ben) Bennett

Michelle, I am another of the distant cousins unknown to you. My grandmother also is Fannie, on of your great grandfather's sisters.

My mother, Bertha, is one of the older sisters of ncle Jack, Betty Jean's father, and the sole remaining member of that generation.

As you have already, noted, the family has spread far beyond Martin. I live in Florida, and my brother and sisters live in Florida, Tennessee, and California. There is also a cousin (through Fannie) in Costa Rica.

I first noted the book review in the Wall Street Journal. I still do not know why I read the full review, but the name Mynhier leapt off the page. Betty Jean is our family historian, so I e-mailed her asking if the name Hesta meant anything to her. An almost immediate response was that she was the wife of Fred, grandmother Fannie's brother.

I was fascinated with the book, enjoying it immensely, and it is now making its way through my siblings. I know they wil also find it fascinating.

Francis (Ben) Bennett

Tiago Alves

Hi Michelle! Just want you to know that your presentation at the Luncheon Series for the Alumni Association from USF is here:


Hope you like it and thank you for letting me record it!



Hi there,

Just stopping in, I googled you after enjoying several of your articles in the NYT--they always put a smile on my face. Thank you!

Dick Wolfe

Hi Michelle,

You probably don't remember but I worked with you on several stories (I'm a PR guy) a few years ago on some different web sites (most no longer in existence). Ran across Michellepedia quite by accident and got interested when I realized it was you. Got more interested reading that your family, or at least part of it is from Kentucky because I am, too.

Small world...


and what the hell is wrong with reading midnight's children?


Read your story about Otto the Wonder Dog. You really think letting your cat be run off because you don't know how to raise a dog or cat makes an amusing story?

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