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Mary E. Preece

I was looking for a Ky. Cream Pull Candy recipe and came upon your site. I have made the candy before but had lost my recipe.

I found it very interesting that you are an author since I am one too or at least that is what some people call me. I call what I do writing from the heart and about what I know and leave all the real hard stuff for others who are far better equipped to handle those things.

I've been put down a little because I allowed my first book to go through without editorial input, but that was because I wanted the reader to know the real me and that my story suited the way I wrote and talked.

I know to some that will be a turn-off but I have had the most wonderful experience with the adventure. It truly was a gift from God to me to help me through some hard times.

I now have 3 books with Publish America and 5 children's book self -published and 2 other books that have been self-published.

So congratulations on your book. This is a very refreshing blog to read and enjoy along the way. So many are not that way.

Check my website out, I have a blog there as well that needs a good update, maybe yours has given me an incentive to do just that.

Have a great day. http://www.freewebs.com/megpreece

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